About us


The Emigration Jewellery Range is designed by our owner Paul Kennedy.

Every piece is Assay marked and stamped with our own Assay mark in the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, Ireland. The Dublin Assay Office under an official Irish Government charter for hallmarking, is a guarantee of authenticity and quality of every piece. All our 14k gold pieces come complete with a Certificate of Appraisal, showing the Gold Karat and the Diamond and Emerald weight.

By taking firstly Traditional Celtic and Irish design jewellery pieces, Paul tweaked the designs along with using the emigration ship as our logo to fit in with the Emigration Jewellery Range.

We have a 925 Silver traditional and contemporary range, 925 Silver with 14K Gold mix Traditional Range and a 14k Gold Traditional range. We are constantly working on new designs so the range’s will be expanding as time goes on.

Paul has used real Diamonds and Emeralds in the 14k gold pieces and CZs and syntenic Emeralds and Diamonds in the Silver pieces. The Ranges all feature the Emigration Ship logo on each piece and are exclusive to Hibernian Gifts and the Irish Emigration Jewellery website.

Each Range consists of Rings, Earrings and Pendants. The concept is to commemorate all the Irish who left or were forced to leave Ireland behind for near and far off lands over the centuries and for their descendants to be able to wear a beautiful piece of Jewellery to remember them by and to show that they are members of the families of the Proud and Brave Irish men and women who were forced to leave Ireland over the Centuries.

Our ancestors left for many reasons, looking for work, fame or fortune in foreign lands, avoiding starvation during the Irish potato famine, moved off their farms by unjust Landlords, under May law the eldest son inherited the Farm so the other sons and daughters of which there were many often had to emigrate and many other Men and Women were sent to foreign lands like Van demon land as criminal’s. A Distinguishing feature of Irish Emigration was the large number of females often young single women, who emigrated to America. Between 1856 -1921 half of all Irish emigrants were young women.

Between 1876-1885 the female / male emigration ratio was 120 : 100 from County Mayo to the USA via Irish ports. In the years 1886 to 1905 it reached a peak of 175 : 100 This is why of the initial launch almost every piece the Emigration Jewellery Range is for Ladies. But do not fear Gentlemen, the Gents ranges are on the way.